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Naderi Engineering, Inc. provides high quality managed project services and staff support for regulated industries of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device and Nuclear. Naderi Engineering’s strong documentation and compliance expertise provides assurance for successful licensing of new facilities and maintenance of the ongoing programs. Our strong project management provides effective completion of projects with highest quality of deliverables.
Naderi Engineering, Inc. provides the following
services in the healthcare industries:
Facilities, Utilities and Process Engineering, Construction and Project Management Support
Startup, commissioning and qualification of Facilities (Clean Rooms, HVAC), Utilities (direct and indirect systems) and process equipment, fill and finish and packaging
FAT and SAT, Engineering checkout cGMP documentation support including Calibration, Operational and Maintenance SOPs
Controls Qualification (PLC and DCS based systems)
GLP Laboratory Equipment and software Qualification
21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
Maintenance, Spare Parts and Warehouse Management Support
Naderi Engineering, Inc. provides the following services in the nuclear industry:
Environmental Equipment Qualification
Nuclear System Engineering Support
Configuration Management
Naderi Engineering, Inc. is about 40 professionals strong. We provide staff support for the short term and long term project needs in all areas of project management, maintenance, engineering, commissioning, qualification and validation. We have access to an excellent pool of resources who have worked with Naderi throughout the years and have established working relations with us. Use Naderi resources on your next project.